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After six successful seasons and heading in to our seventh season, the CGI Braves (10U-18U), are proud of our expansion from three teams just a few short years ago, to 10 teams for the 2016 season. A few of our notable achievements over the last six years have been: four straight 14U/15U/ championships, 44 team playoff appearances,  100 players selected to CITI-FIELD all-star game, multiple play-off and tournament finals appearances, introduction of our younger CGI Braves junior program,, 17 league titles, 11 tournament victories, 9 no-hitters and 67 CGI Braves players currently playing college baseball. As impressive as these statistics are, our greatest satisfaction is derived from not simply the development and overall progress of our 121 players skill sets on the field, but most importantly their work ethic, focus, and character as young men off the field due to the CGI Braves experience.



The Braves Organization was co-founded, by our Director of Operations/Player Development Rob Steinert (his resume can be found under the 'Staff Tab' on the front page of the website) and our Director of Player Selection/ General Manager, Michael Tinney.  We are proud to annouce that Rob Steinert is now a Northeast scout for the Chicago Cubs.  Rob is still VERY active in our program.  Our philosophies and curriculum on a day to day basis, are to ensure that all of our parents and players receive the finest amateur baseball experience available. As the CGI BRAVES organization looks forward to the future, the administration and coaching staff will make every effort to never lose sight of the importance of our values, morals, integrity, and work ethic that has elevated our organization and players to the level at which we proudly find ourselves today.


Our clients believe that this experience along with our commitment to player development is what defines the Braves and distinguishes us from other "elite" organizations. We are a developmental organization first and foremost.  Our focus will continue to emphasize the fundamentals of skill development which is vital for each player's success-hard work, commitment, discipline, and the understanding of our approach to teach each aspect of the game of baseball. Focused and efficient practices, winter workouts, video review for all aspects of player development, baseball specific core/explosive strength training, and mechanical adjustments are all vital components in improving a player's performance; not simply competing in more games and tournaments.


The CGI BRAVES will always place more emphasis on training, work-outs and team & organizational practices than we do on games. While we recognize and understand that the experience of game play certainly has a place in developing a sense of competition and teamwork, as well as gauging the players abilities relative to their age level, we know that a player's individual skill set, ability, and measurables are all that matters to a junior high, high school or college coach in the future. CGI BRAVES teams practice more than anyone, which consists of one team-specific practice, as well as one organizational practice during which one-to-one/small group hands on instruction which addresses all aspects of each player's game is our primary objective and focus. At each organizational practice, the coaching staffs (consisting of coaches with a variety of positional expertise and experience) of multiple teams from within our organization are present, which creates visibility for all players within the Braves organization to showcase their talents for the coaches they will be working with and playing for in future years. This practice dynamic also enables our coaching staff to implement a cohesive and consistent approach with every one of our players in regard to each facet of their game.


We believe strongly, and have experienced with our results over the past three years, that due to these philosophies and training protocols our teams will indeed improve over the course of the season and winning games is usually the result of those principles. The process and commitment to each player's skill development will always be prioritized over the short term satisfaction of simply winning games. We are committed to providing each player with the finest baseball experience in the industry, and we believe we cannot achieve this in any other way! In conjunction with our efforts to implement a cohesive and consistent coaching approach, we also have the ultimate goal in mind of developing every one of our players for 9 full years, from 10U through 18U. Once again, this keeps the player's best interests and individual goals of all of our player's as our top priority, rather than navigating through the waves of players who circulate from team to team with a "win-at-all-costs" attitude. The continuity and benefits of developing a player for 9 years will allow us to monitor not only their level of play on the field, but also their work ethic, attitude, pitch counts, preservation of arm/ full body health, nutrition, and year-round strength training work.


Our staff will continually strive to exude a positive energy, focus, and passion to improve all aspects of our organization as it pertains to our players development and their families time and commitment to our program. These virtues are all contagious, and we plan to surround ourselves only with families who share these same goals and ideals. We are committed to providing each family with the finest baseball experience available in the area!


Some more of the things that we offer include:

  • Home training facility (CGI Baseball Inc.)
  • Baseball IQ Seminars
  • Position specific clinics
  • June - August Summer Season
  • In-season dynamic on field practices
  • Winter Workouts
  • Spring Strength-Training
  • 90 MPH Boot Camp
  • Video Analysis
  • Boys of Summer or LI Hot Stove Play
  • Two-Paid coaches at each level (no parents)
  • Elite Tournament Play
  • Home Practice field
  • Full time General Manager
  • All-Star game at CITI-Field (Age appropriate)
  • Collegiate Baseball Advisor
  • FREE access to our training facility


The Braves Organization is overseen by our Director of Operations, Rob Steinert (his resume can be found under the ‘Staff Tab’ on the front page of the website) who works very closely with our General Manager, Michael Tinney, to ensure our parents and players that they receive the smoothest and most beneficial years of baseball they’ve experienced to date.


As we move forward, the administration and coaching staff will make every effort to never lose sight of the importance of the morals and work ethic that got us and our players to the level at which we find ourselves today. Knowledge, positive energy and the thirst to better oneself are all contagious and we plan to surround ourselves with people who share these same goals and ideas.